Having a seminar with Vice Director of Department of Education and Training of Dong Nai and National Foreign Language Project and Vietnam Institute for Advanced Studies in Mathematics

On February 3, the seminar “International experience in applying educational technology in general education institutions” was held in the office of the National Foreign Languages Project. The delegates were the Vice Director of the Department of Education of Dong Nai Vo Ngoc Thach and many national and international experts. The seminar aimed at sharing experiences in applying educational technology in general education institutions to support the national education program. In addition, the meeting seeks to motivate the teaching and learning of Math and Science in English.

Vice Director Vo Ngoc Thach said that Dong Nai’s authorities and the Ministry of Education and Training had promulgated many policies to encourage students to learn Math and Science in English and Vietnamese. However, not all primary and secondary teachers qualify, and only a few high school teachers can deliver their teachings in English. Understanding this situation, the National Foreign Languages Project is contacting many organizations with high-quality bilingual learning materials to support and motivate local students.

Vice Director Vo Ngoc Thach and other attendees in the National Foreign Language Project’s office.

During this visit, Vice Director Vo Ngoc Thach discussed with the Vietnam Institute for Advanced Studies in Mathematics (VIASM) and The Vietnam Foundation (VNF) leaders about assisting teachers and schools in teaching statistics with the 2018 Math Program. The primary focus is to develop students’ learning skills and abilities, especially self-study with teachers’ guidance. In addition, statistics in the 2018 Primary and Secondary Education Program are new to teachers and students. Therefore, choosing suitable teaching materials is also challenging for schools and teachers.

Vice Director Vo Ngoc Thach appreciated Khan Academy’s learning resources selected from other developed countries as supplementary materials for users. Students are encouraged to use the platform outside school time to revise their lessons and improve their self-study skills. Moreover, Khan courses are available in English and Vietnamese for Math, Physics, Biology, and Chemistry. Therefore, using Khan Academy positively affects teaching students and reduces extra classes.

Khan Academy program’s contents are well-developed and meaningful to users. Covid – 19 pandemic proved that Vietnam’s education is adaptive and flexible, said Deputy Minister of Education and Training Nguyen Huu Do. Teachers switched between online and offline very flexibly and on time. Eventually, they could finish the lesson plan and fulfill the requirements.

Khan Academy Tieng Viet’s superiority is an open educational resource that creates fairness in approaching education. Of this, the gap in education between well-developed urban areas and poor, mountainous areas will get closer. Although an online platform, Khan Academy Tieng Viet still emphasizes teachers’ role in education.

In November 2022, the Department of Education and Training of Dong Nai started introducing Khan Academy to officers from the Bureau of Education and Training, schools, and teachers all over the province. In the second semester of the school year 2022 – 2023, they will command the Bureau to expertise the accuracy and efficiency of the learning resources from Khan Academy as a support for the 2018 National Education Program.

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