Introduction to Vietnam Open Educational Resources

The Vietnam Open Educational Resources (VOER) program is supported by The Vietnam Foundation. This program aims to create an educational resource repository of Vietnamese people and for Vietnamese people. VOER provides free, high-quality, and up-to-date learning materials for educational purposes.

VOER is an open educational resource with valuable content. Users can access small modules or sets of documents related to a particular subject. The credibility of each piece of content is ensured by the author, usually a lecturer or an expert in the field, and by the peer-review process.

With VOER, users can easily download PDF textbooks that can be read on computers without an internet connection or printed as physical books. Since no copyright fees are involved, the cost of printing books is low, making it affordable for most students. In addition, these resources are accessible for free and can be used for teaching, learning, and research purposes, benefiting the entire community.

VOER is an open educational resource that can be accessed by users worldwide, not just Vietnamese people. Aside from collaborating with universities worldwide to gather updated and high-quality materials for users in Vietnam, VOER also aims to promote Vietnamese history, literature, and culture to the global community. As a result, VOER has become a significant portal for students and teachers inside and outside of Vietnam, with over 80,000 daily visits to the website. The program has also received more than 22,000 knowledge modules contributed by over 10,000 authors.