Student Quang Giac: The 11th-Grade Boy Dreaming of helping other students

WVR – Quang Giac, from Da Nang, has just completed the SAT exam with an impressive score of 1520/1600. This summer, in addition to studying, Giac has taken on the role of a “class monitor” to spread the spirit of learning and conquering the SAT to students nationwide.

The dream of learning is a strong motivation for the boy to conquer the SAT

Since he was little, he harbored a dream of setting foot in America to witness the beauty of the Statue of Liberty, the Grand Canyon National Park, Niagara Falls, etc. As time went by, at the age of 16, Giac realized that America is not just a country with beautiful scenery, but also a nation with a world-class education system. Thus, he started preparing for the SAT to actualize his dream of studying in the US after graduating from high school.

However, to achieve a score of 1520, Giac went through a period of uncertainty, not knowing where to begin his preparations. Although he started learning English quite early, studying for the SAT was significantly more challenging. Especially when the SAT exam format was changed from Paper SAT to Digital SAT, it caused him quite a shock. In addition, his trial test scores hovered around 1000-1200, making his worries multiply.

By chance, three months before the exam, he learned about the SAT Open Class project organized by the Khan Academy Vietnam team. He quickly registered to receive an “up-to-date” study plan, as Khan Academy is an official partner of College Board – the owner, developer, and provider of the SAT exam in the US. Therefore, the knowledge at Khan Academy is internationally standardized, with a unique curriculum suitable for each student. Without hesitation, Giac joined the course on the Khan platform with the support of the “class monitors” of the SAT Open Class. Simultaneously, he continued to study with teachers in Da Nang. He shared that while students in big cities can easily follow teachers or SAT preparation centers, for students in remote areas, Khan Academy and the SAT Open Class are a “lifesaver” to help many like Giac realize their dreams.

Participating in the SAT Open Class, Giac not only studied according to a standardized curriculum, but he also improved and perfected skills he was lacking, such as: eliminating carelessness while doing Math, expanding knowledge in the Reading and Writing sections, and learning how to share study experiences with friends from all over the country.

After a period of preparation, Giac conquered the SAT in June with a score of 1520. This score is sufficient for him to complete his application and apply for scholarships from many major universities in the US.

The dream of helping other students

Sharing with reporters, Giac considers himself lucky to have had the opportunity to receive formal education. Participating in many community projects like the Loving Heart Club and volunteering at centers for disabled people, Giac witnessed the struggles of those disadvantaged both materially and spiritually. Therefore, he always feels fortunate and carries in his heart the dream of helping others.

Being a “beneficiary” of the free SAT Open Class project for the community, Giac realizes that he needs to spread this meaningful project to more students nationwide. Therefore, Giac did not hesitate to become a new “class monitor” to provide free tutoring for students. With his practical experience, Giac hopes to give students more study tips and share the difficulties encountered during preparation. He also believes that starting to learn English in general and SAT preparation, in particular, does not depend on time but on determination. To reach their dreams, students should always try their best and believe that they will do well.

Talking about his future plans, Giac said he would devote this summer to being a good class monitor to help other students. Even when the new school year begins, Giac will still dedicate his time to spreading meaningful projects of the Khan Academy Vietnam team as well as community projects at his school and in the local area where he lives.


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