Introduction to Programs for the Visually Impaired

VNF believes that education can be a powerful tool for improving people’s lives, regardless of their circumstances. With that firm trust, since the organization’s establishment, the founder of VNF, Mr. Pham Duc Trung Kien, has prioritized supporting people who are visually impaired or facing other challenges in their pursuit of education. Through scholarships, equipment sponsorships, and other initiatives, Mr. Pham Duc Trung Kien has accompanied VNF and other organizations to assist hundreds of students and visually impaired individuals in overcoming difficulties and succeeding in life. Currently, here are our three major programs being implemented annually:

1. Audiobook Library

1.1. Support and co-establish Audiobook Library

The Audiobook Library is a website that provides audiobooks for the visually impaired and elderly. VNF co-founded the Audiobook Library to help those with difficulty in reading can easily access knowledge through audiobooks. In addition, VNF has assisted with locations and six recording studios specializing in audiobook production to help the Library provide the best products for the visually impaired.

1.2. Laptop 360 Program

The Laptop 360 Program provides laptops as gifts to visually impaired people. Laptop 360 is a tool that transforms how the visually impaired experience the world, enabling them to easily access the internet and connect with others, learn, work, and positively impact globally. VNF recognizes the value of laptops for visually impaired students. Therefore, we aim to promote the Laptop 360 Program to reach even more underprivileged individuals to help improve their lives.

2. Sunflower Scholarship

2.1. Awarding scholarships to visually impaired students

The Sunflower Scholarship program offers scholarships to visually impaired students admitted to vocational colleges and universities in Ho Chi Minh City. The program started with only four students receiving scholarships but now supports around 40-65 students yearly. The students often come from disadvantaged backgrounds where blindness is an extra burden. Furthermore, many are second or third-generation victims of Agent Orange during the Vietnam War. We derive great joy from seeing graduates of our program fulfilling the mission of VNF by performing meaningful actions throughout Vietnam. Many of these graduates have become teachers, leaders of non-governmental organizations, entrepreneurs, performing artists, and even local officials. In addition, since the organization’s establishment, we have helped hundreds of students attend university and graduate with Bachelor’s, Master’s, and Doctorate degrees. These students are clear evidence of the transformative power of education in improving lives and perceptions.

2.2. Awarding laptops to visually impaired students with high academic achievements

The Vietnam Foundation awards over 20 laptops yearly to visually impaired students who have achieved high academic performance, providing them with valuable tools for their educational journey.

3. Sponsorship of the Anh Sen Scholarship Fund

VNF has supported and accompanied various scholarship funds, including the Anh Sen Scholarship Fund, which aims to assist visually impaired and disabled students from challenging backgrounds to achieve their goals. The fund has operated for over 20 years, motivating these students to rise in life.