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I have always been looking for scholarships and external educational sources to study beyond the curriculum, including Khan Academy. Currently, I am studying at New York University Abu Dhabi with full-ride scholarships and with high stipends for personal usage.
Trần Anh Khoa
New York University Abu Dhabi
Throughout my high school years, Khan Academy had been my online learning companion for math and science courses. And now, when online learning has become essential, the need for high quality online education is ever more pressing.
Nguyễn Phương Linh
Dickinson College (PA, USA) - class of 2019
I study finance and accounting during my university period, and ever since Khan Academy's youtube videos have always been one of the most useful and greatest sources for my academic enhancement. I am impressed by the unique way that Khan Academy delivers knowledge to the public.
Ngô Minh Hằng
Vietnamese - German University
Khan Academy was my life savior during my application process to US universities. Through Khan Academy, I can not only study by myself for free but also received lots of tests to practice and gain my skills. I couldn't count the times I have recommended Khan to my friends
Thạch Thị Quỳnh Anh
Mount Holyoke College
I have been watching and learning from Khan Academy since 2017 with a wide range of different courses- Chemistry, Math, Biology and now with Micro and Macro Economics. Khan Academy has given me so much and I want to give it back as well as spread it to those who needs to its full potential.
Nguyễn Thị Ngọc Huyền
I have known Khan since my very first year in college through various informative videos that help me a lot with my exams
Minh Tú Nguyễn
International University, National University of Ho Chi Minh city
I have been learning from the platform extensively during my undergraduate studies. Sal and his team have been amazing at, to quote Sal himself in many videos, "giving [me] an appreciation of what is going on".
Quang Le
University of Manitoba
My friends advised me to learn online lessons on Khan Academy. It not only helps me enhance knowledge significantly but also improves my English skills via online lectures offering by diverse channels.
Lâm Thiết Cảnh
University of Science, Vietnam National University
I've heard about Khan Academy for a long time for its high reputation in education. It is among my favorite online learning platforms
Đặng Tấn Phát
Ho Chi Minh University of Pedagogy
I have used Khan Academy for numerous subjects, and I understood its appeal and effectiveness.
Đoàn Phương Chi
Mount Holyoke College
Khan academy is very familiar to me since I have been using it for my school work.
Dương Triều Nghi
Pham Ngoc Thach University of Medicine
Khan Academy has been a great resource for many students like me that help reinforce the class materials when preparing for tests.
Thư Phan
University of California, Los Angeles
I’m truly intrigued by the outstanding “services” that Khan Academy offers in terms of academic resources covering a variety of subjects and fields. It is a perfect tool for both teachers—who deliver critical knowledge through the use of effective lessons and materials—and students—who are the young leaders of the future generations through the ongoing process of learning.
Chung Quỳnh Thúy Nga
Florida International University
It first came to me when PiMA launched its annual camp in the summer of 2019. Nevertheless, with such high requirements, I basically had no chance of entering. However, after having learnt on Khan Academy, I managed to pass its entrance exam. I no longer view Math as a tedious subject with numbers and letters. Up to now not only was I able to have a clearer understanding of calculus but I have also been studying more challenging topics such as differential equations, and the experience has been very informative and valuable to me.
Lý Gia An
Phổ Thông Năng Khiếu
During my enrollment in my local secondary school, I have found myself endlessly fascinated by facts about business and humanity, especially which related to community sustainable development. Hence, with all that kept in mind and have learned about the pristine reputation in terms of consistent academic achievements that Khan Academy has always held across its active history, I have come to the decision to choose the program as my next stop on the journey for self-enlightenment.
Nguyễn Gia Khánh
I have joined several courses on Khan Academy before. The courses helped me a lot to self-learn different knowledge in various fields, from programming to advanced mathematics for example. That is why I really like the idea of transforming it into a Vietnamese version to help people gain easier access to this academic source, especially when we are now living in a digital world and cyber-education has become more popular than ever.
Trịnh Như An
University of Economics HCMC
I have been using Khan Academy for the past 3 years and have always admired the incredible quality and educational value of every post. I believe that a beneficial, accessible platform such as Khan Academy, that is currently doing so much good, is the future.
Vũ Thu Giang
St. Andrew's School (Delaware, USA)
During my high school time, Khan Academy was my personal tutor for my school works. For 3 years, I watched numerous videos on Khan Academy about APs and SAT. Without the help from Khan Academy, I would not get to where I am right now in my education path.
Huỳnh Minh Nhật
San Diego State University
Khan Academy was my life savior on my freshman year, I was surprised at first because all the courses are open for free, and all of them are thoughtfully delivered. I want to introduce Khan Academy to more students and education institutes, for those who might struggle like I used to can relieve a little bit.
Hoàng Quỳnh Giao
Foreign Trade University (Ho Chi Minh City)
When I first access to Khan Academy, I was totally impressed by the amble of courses that Khan Academy offers, not only in math but also in many other fields. My math score did raise in the next exam as I learned both from my teacher and from Khan Academy. Khan Academy helps me understand the theories really clearly and I can do the work quite good.
Nguyễn Trần Thảo Anh
University of Alberta, Canada
Having used Khan Academy to study the SAT and other courses like Pixar In A Box, I find my experience of accessing high quality content and the dedication to teaching truly amazing and stimulating
Nguyễn Đức Lộc
Ho Chi Minh University of Technology
Khan Academy has been my guidance from high school to college: AP classes, SAT Exams, and even now with my engineering classes.
Nhiên Lê
Texas A&M University
When I prepared for my SAT test, Khan Academy is the website that helped me the most. When I wanted to take AP Economics, Khan Academy is also the only free option available online.
Nguyễn Chúc An
I came across Khan Academy, where my desire was fulfilled. Never before had I found a channel where various subjects are taught in an interesting, intuitive, and visual way.
Nguyễn Sơn Trường
I have studied with Khan Academy before and received a lot of benefits from this community.
Đỗ Thị Hải An
Judicial Academy
I utilized Khan Academy as a really supportive source in my studying of Math, Physics, and Computer Science; and I am grateful that this free source offers so many courses that help students like me to learn by themselves. I hope to join the effort to bring Khan Academy closer to Vietnamese students, many of whom may not become so familiar to this site.
Phan Hoàng Thuỳ Dương
University of Rochester


With Khan Academy Vietnam, students can learn while playing and are rewarded with stars for completing assignments. Specific examples, detailed instructions make it very easy for the students to understand. Khan Academy's curriculum meets the diverse needs of children in Mathematics. The learning content is designed by experienced and dedicated teachers.
Nguyễn Thị Huyền
Xuân Sơn primary school
Free does not carry the same meaning that some people have. With Khan Academy Vietnam, students have access to meticulous and elaborated lectures with drawings and videos. Young childrens can learn to self study, which will contribute to the cultivation of not only knowledge but happiness also.
Nguyễn Thị Doanh
Alpha school
I think it will be even more wonderful if all teachers, parents, especially students everywhere have access to this free, modern education platform. Hopefully Khan Academy Vietnam will spread its mission to many people with different educational backgrounds around the world.
Nguyễn Thị Đào
FPT school

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