Improving the Lives of the Vietnamese People through Education


The Vietnam Foundation, through its work with the U.S. National Academies, brings the expertise of the U.S. academic community to assist Vietnam in the field of education. The Vietnam Foundation strengthens a network of partnerships in education in Vietnam and in the United States.

Local universities are in desperate need to have a network of partnerships with foreign institutions. The partnerships help to transfer knowledge though academic exchanges such as programs, faculty, and students among the partners. Many new partnerships between the Vietnamese universities and the American universities are already underway. Some partnerships are ad-hoc partnerships, while other partnerships are supported by the Ministry of Education and Training through Advanced Programs. To make these partnerships effective and sustainable, the partnerships need a central coordination of American universities, which can help to expand the scale of the partnerships between the local Vietnamese universities and the American universities.

The Vietnam Foundation has proposed to manage a U.S. Vietnam university forum (US-VN-UF), which will bring together those universities with serious interests in working with those in Vietnam.  The forum will serve as a venue for communication of best practices in supporting the development of higher education in Vietnam.
The Foundation will also solicit new partnerships by matching university departments in the U.S with those in Vietnam.  Seed grants will be competitively awarded for initial faculty exchanges and other planning activities.

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