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Open Educational Resources: Global Report 2017

Three documents have been developed in the framework of the 2nd World OER Congress. The two documents: Open Educational Resources: From Commitment to Action and the Open Educational Resources: Global Report 2017 provide the outcomes of the six regional consultations and global surveys conducted prior to the 2nd World OER Congress. The third document, Ljubljana OER Action Plan 2017, will be the outcome document of the 2nd World OER Congress and is based on the outputs of the regional consultations, a global online consultation of the document in the months leading up to the Congress and the deliberations of the 2nd World OER Congress. All three documents are complementary and provide a framework for both understanding the current status of OER worldwide and identifying concrete actions to mainstream OER to achieve SDG4.
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Information about Vietnam OER is at page 53:  Vietnam OER (VOER) provides high quality and up-todate learning materials free of charge for educational use. By focusing on reform and modernisation of higher education in Vietnam, VOER collaborates with universities in the world to gain from the content developed elsewhere and to share Vietnamese history, literature and culture with the global community. VOER has become a major portal for students and teachers inside and outside of Vietnam. Every day, more than 80,000 visitors access the VOER website. There are more than 22,000 knowledge modules from more than 10,000 contributing authors. – Contributed by Dr. Minh Do For more information, see:

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