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Media Announcement: Hanoi Spring is here!

The Vietnam Foundation announced today the official launch of Hanoi Spring, a new online educational resource system.

Hanoi Spring Logo

Hanoi Spring is an advanced technology platform designed to allow the public to share teaching and learning materials and curriculum development.  It is based on the concept of open educational resources (OER).  This revolutionary concept of knowledge sharing was pioneered by MIT University and Rice University in the U.S. more than a decade ago.  Since then, there has been a growing OER movement globally, and UNESCO has embraced OER as an official program in many countries around the world.

The Vietnam Foundation and its technology team in Hanoi play a leading role in the development, technology and framework for global OER.  Vietnamese OER experts have been invited to Paris to advise UNESCO on its OER policy recommendations, and they have traveled to other countries to help educational institutions implement OER programs.

Under the management of the Vietnam Foundation, the Vietnam Open Educational Resources (VOER) has become a major portal for students and teachers inside and outside of Vietnam.  Every day, more than 50,000 visitors access VOER ( to research and download materials.  There are more than 21,000 knowledge modules from nearly 4,000 contributing authors; among them are well-known scientists living inside Vietnam such as Dr. Nguyen Van Hieu (Physics), Dr. Nguyen Lan Dung (Biology), and Dr. Pham Phu (Mathematics), as well as Vietnamese scholars living abroad such as Dr. Minh Do (Electrical Engineering, USA), Dr. Thanh Truong (Chemistry, USA), Dr. Trac Tran (Electrical Engineering, USA), Dr. John Vu (Information Technology, USA), Dr. Phuong Ngoc (Sociology, France), Dr. Quoc Tran (Mathematics, Belgium), Dr. Hoang Phan (Electrical Engineering, Korea), …

Dr. Ray Gamble of the U.S. National Academies, and also the founding chairman of the Vietnam Foundation, observes “The participation and support of the best scholastic minds of Vietnam is a testament to the success of VOER.  Now we can offer Hanoi Spring to the global OER community to further advance educational opportunity.  It is a gift from the Vietnamese people to the world.

Hanoi Spring was designed and developed over the last two years by a team of Vietnamese software experts and volunteers located in Hanoi, working with the support and direction of the Vietnam Foundation.  The platform is robust; it is easy to install, manage and use.  It can handle thousands of concurrent users and supports different national languages.

Mr. Minh Do, VOER program director, shares “As a technology platform, Hanoi Spring will be used by many countries and organizations around the world.  It will put Vietnam on the map for educational technology development.  People will know Vietnam has other exciting developments besides the sensational success of mobile game Flappy Bird!”

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The Vietnam Foundation is a U.S. 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization based in Washington D.C. and has a field office in Hanoi.  Its mission is to improve the lives of Vietnamese people through education.  More information is available or +84-4-6278-2786.

The Vietnam Open Educational Resources (VOER) is a program funded and managed by the Vietnam Foundation.  Its educational portal is at

Hanoi Spring is the technology platform designed and developed by the Vietnam Foundation for the public to contribute and share learning and teaching materials and curriculum development.  It is available to all organizations upon request via email to MinhDo (at) 

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