Our mission is to improve the lives of the Vietnamese people through education

Khan Academy Viet Nam

In the first quarter of 2020, The Vietnam Foundation successfully established an exclusive collaborative agreement with Khan Academy, the world’s leading free online learning resource with approximately 100 million users every year.

Our team at VNF has been working to translate Khan Academy’s robust and proven curriculum, which has previously been funded by the Gates Foundation and Google, into Vietnamese with the purpose of increasing education access throughout the country and integrating Vietnam into the global learning community. Within the next 5 years, our vision is to have this curriculum used in public and private schools across Vietnam and have every child be able to learn at their own pace through an individualized curriculum. 

Through this partnership, The Vietnam Foundation will bring this scalable and cost effective teaching method to all children in Vietnam that will impact Vietnam’s education for decades to come. 

We at The Vietnam Foundation acknowledge that right now is the perfect time to launch this program, particularly to impact the young generation of Vietnamese learners. Given Vietnam’s high internet penetration, high mobile penetration, and affordable 4G data service, we have an opportunity to leverage technology to close educational gaps between rural and urban areas in Vietnam. 

With more than 70% of the Vietnamese population living in rural areas, this Khan Academy partnership can provide students from all backgrounds with an up-to-date curriculum and quality instruction regardless of their income or access to good schools and teachers.

Sal Khan talks about how we can change the education system.

This program will ensure that all Vietnamese students are receiving education that is on par with international standards and are ready to compete in the global economy. Stay tuned for more information about this wonderful program on our website.


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