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How to deal with burnout

Do you feel overwhelmed with school activities, your academic goals or peer – pressure? Lacking motivation, feeling exhausted, unable to to concentrate on lectures and so on, those are recognizable symptoms of student burnout. Nowadays, student burnout has become a norm which affects student and their parents significantly. However, we can change some of our habits to overcome this.

There are such helpful tips that you can try to enhance your productivity and manage your stress.

1. Take small break in studying

Dividing studying into small period will essentially increase our creativity nd productivity . According to Ferris Jabr, downtime restores the brains’ functions of attention, motivation, encourages and so on. Therefore, having break while you are reviewing will help you acquire the knowledge better without experiencing burnout. As you can avoid absorbing a load of information nonstop.

2. Time management

Setting your goals and stick to them. You should you a calendar or reminders to take note all of what you need to do clearly. Always tracking your timetable, and deadlines to make sure you do not procrastinate. Hence, the workload for you can be break down, and you can also manage your level of stress.

3. Eating healthy foods

Processed foods and fast foods are tempted to us. However, to keep your brain focused and work effectively, you have to be mind about your meal. A healthy meals are simple to make and you can save your money by cooking at home instead of eating out. You need to absorb all the necessary minerals, vitamins and other nutrients from fresh food.

4. Exercising

Just exercise only 15 to 30 minutes a day, you will see the difference inside and outside your body. Exercising usually help us boost our energy as well as relax our mind and body the tension after a long day.

5. Get outside

Sitting for too long may cause fatigue. You could spend time going out for a walk or hanging out with your friends and family. Just stay away from your work a while can reduce your stress level a lot.

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