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The formula 3-2-1 can help young generation to success

On February 10th 2017, Mr. Kien Pham, president of the Red Square Vietnam and the Vietnam Foundation, former President of the Vietnam Education Foundation shared his formula 3-2 -1 that he believes will help young people succeed in the profession and life during a panel discussion “How to build your successful career and lead the life you want” organized by the US Commerce Association in Vietnam in coordination with the International Training Institute – Vietnam National University, Ho Chi Minh City (IEI-VNU)

Hundreds of students have been listening to the speakers as business leaders such as SSI, IDG Venture Vietnam,, etc.

Kien Pham with young generation

Accordingly, the number 3 represents 3P principles in life and work.

  • Purposes – live with a clear purpose, think about what is the purpose of your study, you work and your life.
  • Passion – life must be passionate, because many young people today do not know what to do. They just mainly follow relatives and friends
  • Principle – live with the rules because the current social situation brings more choices, if there is no rule you will be easy to get lost.

“The number 2 represents the ‘Think one step ahead’ – always think before 1 step to be active in all things and to always ‘Pay attention to detail’ – always focusing on the work, avoid distractions in order to save time and effort.

Number 1 is the most important, that is to create your own picture and by yourself, “Kien said.

how to build your sucessful career and lead the life you want
Panel discussion: How to build your successful career and lead the life you want

Kien Pham also taken the view that the youth should analyze everything by the head but the heart to follow when making decisions. Because the heart is where the decisions of every passion, a passion to work, to succeed. In addition, the recruitment experience that Kien said that the students have to prepare answers to questions that they will bring something to the company in 5-10 years.

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