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Vietnamese Graduate Students Selection Program (VEF 2.0 Program)

This new pilot initiative stands on the strength of hundreds of young Vietnamese with Master’s and doctoral degrees who have returned to Vietnam after they finish their graduate training under the Vietnam Education Foundation (VEF) (, a U.S. government organization that VNF President Kien Pham founded in 2003. This new initiative mobilizes VEF Fellows to help create the next generation of scientists and engineers for Vietnam. This initiative, nicknamed VEF 2.0 Program, emulates the VEF interview and selection process with the voluntary service from VEF Alumni and a network of leading American professors. Although there is no monetary funding provided to the selectees, the program offers a rigorous selection process to recommend the best candidates to U.S. graduate schools.

In the pilot year of 2017, we had more than 200 applicants, of which we screened and interviewed down to 20 final selectees who received our formal letter of recommendation. Our team of voluntary VEF Fellows are coaching the selectees on their graduate school applications for fall 2017. We expect a strong placement outcome for this group of 20 VEF 2.0 Fellows. Once they are accepted to US graduate schools, the VNF will host a pre-departure orientation (PDO) program to prepare them for a new study experience in the U.S.

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