Our mission is to improve the lives of the Vietnamese people through education

Vietnam Open Educational Resources (VOER) Program

A major constraint to the improvement of higher education in Vietnam is the availability of suitable resources for both the teacher and the student. Open Educational Resources (OER) and Open Course Ware (OCW) are innovations in delivering curricula and teaching materials that have been adopted by a number of American and European universities.

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Vietnam OER homepage at http://voer.edu.vn

The Vietnam Foundation supports an establishment of Vietnam Open Educational Resources website to serve as a central resource for Vietnamese professors, faculty celine bags, students and self- learners in higher education. They will have an opportunity to access thousands of teaching and learning materials anytime anywhere at no cost. Not only can they access all contents uploaded on the Vietnam Open Educational Resources website, but also can they explore foreign teaching resources and be part of the Open Educational Resources process such as contributing their learning and teaching materials celine outlet, forming discussion forums, contributing comments and notes, and using current available materials to create new books.

Click here to visit the Vietnam Open Educational Resources (VOER) website www.voer.edu.vn